Regulatory Approval R.A.T. Maze

Run a regulated business within financial services, consider familiarising yourself with the Approval R.A.T. Maze. Flavours of regulatory registrations and approvals on the FCA website quickly run into double digits and there is a sea of acronyms that will have ...

Stop reviving your policies back from the dead!

This Halloween let them rest in peace! Managing business policy document-suite is one of the biggest non-value-add activity done at scale by financial institutions today. Let’s be honest, no one is reading these except for the folks writing & signing ...

If you want to go far … go together!

We are very excited to announce a partnership between CoVi Analytics and Charles Taylor InsureTech. In the last two years, we have had the pleasure to onboard two Tier 1 UK insurers , one Tier 1 international bank and a Fintech ...

Do this one thing today to reduce your compliance burden … it’s absolutely FREE!

“Stop treating it like a BURDEN!” It’s hard not to draw a similarity between businesses’ attitude toward compliance vs. kids’ appetite towards veggies. It’s good for them but they see it as a barrier between them and sugary treats. The ...

UK insures pushing investment risk to customers compared to other European insurers – Why?

Observation: UK insures pushing a significant chunk of their investment risk to customers (through Unit-linked products) compared to other European insurers – Why? Well mainly because UK leads the pack when it comes to the life insurance with over Eur ...

Fintech Calling – Looking to speak with Fintechs seeking FCA approval

Earlier this year we supported a Fintech in their FCA approval journey, saving them a lot of back-n-forth and accelerating their approval timelines. Keen to speak with Fintech companies who are about to / or recently started their FCA application ...

CoVi’s New Look

Earlier this week we launched a fresh new look for our website, check it out at – We would love your feedback if you have any.

Lloyd’s Attestation In a box (no Audio)

Each managing agent is required to confirm attestation against 776 requirements peppered over 18 excel worksheets. Not only is this extremely tedious, collecting evidence to support these attentions is a mammoth task. CoVi’s out-of-the-box solution comes pre-loaded with all the ...