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Focus on the WHY, not the WHAT!

Want a quick way to make compliance more efficient? Focus on the WHY, not the WHAT of risk & compliance. The focus of most risk & compliance training tends to be WHAT the business needs to do, the infamous risk ...

Calculating your Cost of Compliance

I am always surprised when I have to remind compliance professionals that “compliance happens in the first line” . It’s obvious when you verbalise it but I find that even people who are aware of it don’t really realise it. One way to ...

Building Business Algorithms

“It’s our company policy, afraid I can’t help you with that Sir” We have all been there. This always reminds me of the “Computer says No!” phrase popularised by Little Britain. What you are experiencing is an “edge-case” of a business algorithm, ...
Inspired by an image by Jeremy Loyd

Breaking Blockchain

This is NOT about hacking blockchain, rather how the creation of Private blockchains is taking away the innovation offered by Blockchains.

A.I. – Mind the [expectation] Gap

Expectations from A.I. within FinTech is over-hyped, particularly for the back office. Here are some thoughts that hopefully help manage these expectation gaps.