Too many risks

Risk of managing too many risks

Are you in a regulated business that’s actively monitoring over 100+ risks each quarter? If a friend listed all their risks to that granularity we would certainly step in to help. We all have our personal “risk register”, a list ...
takes a village to update policies

It takes a village to manage a policy suite

It takes a village to maintain and monitor business policies – Not convinced? here’s how … To many, the cost of maintaining (updating) and monitoring (reporting on) business policies is limited to the few who manage these documents. However, that’s ...
Business Continuity Plan

Is it time to update your BPC for Social Distancing?

Is it time to update your Business Continuity measures to reflect social distancing measures? We sure think so. Current Business Continuity measures largely assume unavailability of the primary infrastructure (office, systems etc.) and focus mainly on addressing that unavailability through ...
Cost of policy Management

The real cost of policy management

A regulated firm with 30 policies spends around £150,000/year on just managing and monitoring business policies. How do you stack up? Policy management includes two things: Annual review of the policies; andMonitoring of business activities and evidencing controls to confirm ...
Rockets vs. horses

Build Rockets not faster Horses

Rather than looking for convenient ways to manage large business policy document suite, it’s time for a completely fresh approach! Iterating an existing approach certainly has its place, however, it can only get you so far. Technology can certainly help ...

#PolicyThursday | Conduct

#PolicyThursday | Conduct (aka. Treating Customers Fairly – TCF) This topic has a tendency to take many names; Conduct, Conduct Risk, TCF to name a few. At CoVi, we split the approach to Conduct (this policy) from the Customer Communication ...

#PolicyThursday | Outsourcing

#PolicyThursday | Outsourcing / External supplier Policy Outsourcing policy is one of the easiest policies to explain to the business teams because everyone has engaged with an external supplier as part of their personal life so they get it. At CoVi ...
Speakup policy

#PolicyThursday | Speak-Up

#PolicyThursday | Speak-Up or Whistleblowing Policy – which description do you prefer? We prefer not to use the word “Whistleblowing” given the negative connotation it has. Speak-Up, on the other hand, is a much better label, turning a dull but necessary ...