Financial Crime Policy

#PolicyThursday | Financial Crime

Financial Crime Policy in 8 clear principles, a policy that otherwise has a tendency to spawn “Child” policies. In our experience, we have seen far too many examples where the Financial Crime policy focuses on the consequences of non-compliance (fines, ...

#PolicyThursday | Business Continuity

We are kick-starting the #PolicyThursday series with Business Continuity policy in CoVi Analytics style. This policy highlights how CoVi Analytics’ unique approach distils a wordy document into succinct principles that are easy to maintain, communicate, implement and monitor. Business Continuity PolicyDownload Context: Policies are ...

Get off the Policy Wheel

Do you feel that your Business Policy suite is one of your biggest operational overhead that adds no real business value? Consider this: regulated firms can spend between 4 to 12 weeks updating a business policy and taking it through ...
Working from Home

WFH – Manage Deliverables, not Time

One of the lessons I learnt very early on with CoVi Analytics when setting up a remote team was – Manage deliverables not time.  Far too often I see managers clocking in when their team members come into work, break for lunch ...
Regulatory response Q1 2020

A balancing act for regulators

I suspect that some insurers, particularly health insurers, will be sitting closer to their 100% Solvency ratio (SCR) mark, if not below, in their SII Q1 reporting. Will be interesting to see how regulators across Europe react to that! Recent ...

Should travel insurers reimburse holidays?

Did your travel insurer offer to pay you to cancel your holiday? As a minimum, travel insurers should inform their customers whether they are covered in an event of a lockdown. We are a little surprised that travel insurance companies ...
oprisk-framework-Covi Analytics

Simplifying Op-Risk Frameworks

Why aren’t Op-Risk Frameworks simply – Know your ops (Controls), Test your Ops (Controls self-assessment) and Fix your ops (based on risk incidents). We have often seen risk teams describe Op Risk Frameworks with lots of flow charts, decision trees, ...

Rollout Controls in Clicks not Months

Taking weeks and months to roll out a control across the group? Here is how you can do it in just a few clicks with CoVi Analytics! Got cross border operations and want to achieve operational efficiencies? MGAs with Appointed Representatives ...
SMCR is about the Who

SMCR is about the WHO?

At its heart, the Senior Managers Regime (SMCR) is about identifying the WHO for responsibilities … get that right and the rest falls in place. If you are an intermediary and recently threw the kitchen sink at the SMCR to ...