Is your Board Outward Looking

What is the key activity of a Board? If you are thinking Strategy; that’s an output, not an activity. Be outward-looking for two things – opportunities and threats. In Risk Speak, this translates to consideration of: #EmergingRisks – things on the ...
CoVi Analytics - Managing Group policies across all jurisdictions centrally.

Adopt & Adapt group policies locally with minimal effort

Ensuring consistency in cross-jurisdictional operations, while still catering for local nuances is the biggest challenge for Group Ops (COOs) teams. We recently demonstrated to a North American insurance group how their group policies can be quickly adapted or adopted across ...
CoVi Analytics - Financial Regulations ensuring firms keep their promises.

Financial Regulation; ensuring firms keep their promises.

Banks, Insurers, Brokers, Asset managers are all in the business of selling promises. Money today for an outcome tomorrow. Financial Regulation is all about making sure that these financial firms keep their promises. The bigger the promise the more the ...

Freedom from Compliance Manuals

“Call it a Compliance Manual and no one will read” … why do we call such an important set of instructions, such a discouraging name? “If you build it, he will come”, often misquoted as “they will come”, was the ...
CoVi sword-&-Shield

Are your policies Shields or Swords?

Are your business policies Swords – that cut to the point,  or Shields that hide information behind layers and layers of text? Most Policy Suite “Armouries” out there are full of Shields that aren’t very useful in a fight against inefficiencies. CoVi Analytics can help ...

Breaking free from legacy thinking!

Break free from legacy thinking before replacing legacy systems otherwise, the effort is wasted. Let’s start with how we manage and deliver business policies. I challenged folks to stop breathing life into dead business documents that no one engages with ...

Stop reviving your policies back from the dead!

This Halloween let them rest in peace! Managing business policy document-suite is one of the biggest non-value-add activity done at scale by financial institutions today. Let’s be honest, no one is reading these except for the folks writing & signing ...