CoVi Analtics – part of Fintech Europe 2018

Team CoVi is pleased to announce that CoVi Analytics is one of the 12 companies accepted to be part of Fintech Europe 2018 organized by Village Capital.

Village Capital Companies - 2018

Fintech Europe 2018 community

What is Fintech Europe?

Village Capital, PayPal, and Middlegame Ventures have collaborated to launch Fintech Europe 2018, a venture development program for entrepreneurs creating technological solutions that help financial institutions, financial markets, regulators and consumers interact with financial products and services in the digital age.

Fintech Europe’s goal is to foster a new generation of fully compliant financial solutions tailored for the digital age centered on the financial health of institutions, consumers, and businesses.

What it entails?

What’s unique about Fintech Europe is its community angle. There is nothing softly-softly about it. Instead of just getting feedback from mentors, companies also get peer reviewed by other startups. This is exciting because it’s no longer just people pointing out holes in one’s thinking but also offering practical advice and hacks to overcome or circumnavigate these challenges.

In addition to that, the community also offers a great opportunity for Network Building and Partnership Development through participation in tailored engagements with key statkeholders, strategic partners and investors.

See more @ Fintech Europe 2018 at Village Capital website.
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