CoVi sword-&-Shield

Are your policies Shields or Swords?

Are your business policies Swords – that cut to the point,  or Shields that hide information behind layers and layers of text? Most Policy Suite “Armouries” out there are full of Shields that aren’t very useful in a fight against inefficiencies. CoVi Analytics can help ...

Achieve Operational Efficiencies!

Earlier this year we formally launched our innovative approach to policy documentation suite Policy 2.0 and the response has been phenomenal. Clearly, this is a pain point felt by everyone in the business and not just the few that are ...
What-how-why-CoVi Analytics

Focus on the WHY, not the WHAT!

Want a quick way to make compliance more efficient? Focus on the WHY, not the WHAT of risk & compliance. The focus of most risk & compliance training tends to be WHAT the business needs to do, the infamous risk ...

“Best ERM End-to-End solution” FINALIST

CoVi Analytics got shortlisted in the “Best ERM End-to-End solution” category at the InsuranceERM Awards this week. Clearly, they see the value CoVi Analytics brings to the entire ERM process through its unique and fresh thinking that is changing the ...

Breaking free from legacy thinking!

Break free from legacy thinking before replacing legacy systems otherwise, the effort is wasted. Let’s start with how we manage and deliver business policies. I challenged folks to stop breathing life into dead business documents that no one engages with ...

Calculating your Cost of Compliance

I am always surprised when I have to remind compliance professionals that “compliance happens in the first line” . It’s obvious when you verbalise it but I find that even people who are aware of it don’t really realise it. One way to ...

Regulatory Approval R.A.T. Maze

Run a regulated business within financial services, consider familiarising yourself with the Approval R.A.T. Maze. Flavours of regulatory registrations and approvals on the FCA website quickly run into double digits and there is a sea of acronyms that will have ...

Stop reviving your policies back from the dead!

This Halloween let them rest in peace! Managing business policy document-suite is one of the biggest non-value-add activity done at scale by financial institutions today. Let’s be honest, no one is reading these except for the folks writing & signing ...