CoVi - How compliance teams can help the business.

Policy 2.0 – Helping compliance teams help the business

Why do compliance teams replicate in the business the very features they hate about regulation – ambiguity and dispersion?

Ask a compliance person about their biggest frustration with regulation and they will be quick to point out how the rules don’t really tell you much and the hunting skills needed to find the information that’s spread across multiple documents with endless cross-references. 

Ask someone in the business about their biggest frustration with the compliance team and the similarity in their response is shocking. The standards, policies, procedures used to instruct the business are ambiguous and full of cross-references to other internal documents.

Interested in exploring a more functional and efficient way of instructing, measuring and monitoring your business operations? Worth spending 30 mins of your day to find out about @CoVi Analytics‘ Policy 2.0 and how it can help you save days and weeks of pointless operational overheads. Drop me a PM or contact to book a demo.


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