Too many risks

Risk of managing too many risks

Are you in a regulated business that’s actively monitoring over 100+ risks each quarter? If a friend listed all their risks to that granularity we would certainly step in to help.

We all have our personal “risk register”, a list of worries, that includes bill payments, family safety, financial security etc. For an average individual, this list will be in low two digits.

However, extending that list of worries to granular activities like crossing the road, riding the train etc. could significantly impact our productivity and lifestyle. Perhaps even preventing that individual from leaving the house.

If you saw a close friend or family member, overwhelmed by all the minutia risks of life, wouldn’t you step in to help? I certainly will.

Then why aren’t we stepping in to help when we see firms actively managing 100+ risks, hampering business’ ability to carry out their day jobs?

At CoVi Analytics we have developed an approach to allow firms to add granularity to their risks without increasing the operational overheads for their business teams.

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