SMCR is about the Who

SMCR is about the WHO?

At its heart, the Senior Managers Regime (SMCR) is about identifying the WHO for responsibilities … get that right and the rest falls in place.

If you are an intermediary and recently threw the kitchen sink at the SMCR to get over the line, worth a pause and a rethink.

Granted, the requirements read as very bureaucratic and give birth to newly named documents adding to the ever-growing list of acronyms – like Management Responsibilities Map (MRMs). But at the end of the day, the regulation is simply after the WHO .. who is responsible for what, and finger point to the Board or Committee X is no longer acceptable.

So before you get on the wheel of updating a new set of document suite, including job descriptions which are outdated the day they are written, get in touch ( and let us show you how CoVi Analytics is looking at SMCR from a controls and operations perspective to help firms achieve operational efficiency.

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