Business Continuity Plan

Is it time to update your BPC for Social Distancing?

Is it time to update your Business Continuity measures to reflect social distancing measures? We sure think so.

Current Business Continuity measures largely assume unavailability of the primary infrastructure (office, systems etc.) and focus mainly on addressing that unavailability through a Plan B (back up sites, systems etc.).

However, one of the key learnings from 2020 is to consider the limited availability of a primary site due to individuals occupying that space. Going forward, one would expect social distancing measures to be reflected in a good business continuity plan.

So why not take a proactive approach and update your business continuity plan to add a section on social distancing measures (seating arrangement, team bubbles, PPE etc.). Not only will that make you look more proactive to external stakeholders (regulators, investors etc.) but will also help you achieve operational efficiencies against further lockdowns.

See how CoVi Analytics can help you manage business policies and procedures more efficiently so reflecting these changes in the business is effortless.

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