#PolicyThursday | Conduct

#PolicyThursday | Conduct (aka. Treating Customers Fairly – TCF) This topic has a tendency to take many names; Conduct, Conduct Risk, TCF to name a few. At CoVi, we split the approach to Conduct (this policy) from the Customer Communication ...

#PolicyThursday | Outsourcing

#PolicyThursday | Outsourcing / External supplier Policy Outsourcing policy is one of the easiest policies to explain to the business teams because everyone has engaged with an external supplier as part of their personal life so they get it. At CoVi ...
Speakup policy

#PolicyThursday | Speak-Up

#PolicyThursday | Speak-Up or Whistleblowing Policy – which description do you prefer? We prefer not to use the word “Whistleblowing” given the negative connotation it has. Speak-Up, on the other hand, is a much better label, turning a dull but necessary ...
Financial Crime Policy

#PolicyThursday | Financial Crime

Financial Crime Policy in 8 clear principles, a policy that otherwise has a tendency to spawn “Child” policies. In our experience, we have seen far too many examples where the Financial Crime policy focuses on the consequences of non-compliance (fines, ...

#PolicyThursday | Business Continuity

We are kick-starting the #PolicyThursday series with Business Continuity policy in CoVi Analytics style. This policy highlights how CoVi Analytics’ unique approach distils a wordy document into succinct principles that are easy to maintain, communicate, implement and monitor. Business Continuity PolicyDownload Context: Policies are ...

Get off the Policy Wheel

Do you feel that your Business Policy suite is one of your biggest operational overhead that adds no real business value? Consider this: regulated firms can spend between 4 to 12 weeks updating a business policy and taking it through ...