Too many risks

Risk of managing too many risks

Are you in a regulated business that’s actively monitoring over 100+ risks each quarter? If a friend listed all their risks to that granularity we would certainly step in to help. We all have our personal “risk register”, a list ...
Regulatory response Q1 2020

A balancing act for regulators

I suspect that some insurers, particularly health insurers, will be sitting closer to their 100% Solvency ratio (SCR) mark, if not below, in their SII Q1 reporting. Will be interesting to see how regulators across Europe react to that! Recent ...

Should travel insurers reimburse holidays?

Did your travel insurer offer to pay you to cancel your holiday? As a minimum, travel insurers should inform their customers whether they are covered in an event of a lockdown. We are a little surprised that travel insurance companies ...
Selling insurance to Millennials

Misselling to millennials – next big conduct risk?

The UK regulator (FCA) has strict requirements for insurers to manage conduct risk, that is, ensuring fair customer outcomes. There is a growing expectation by the FCA to see conduct risk dashboards in place that proactively manage conduct risk in ...